Dust Jackets in the Cloud

My name is Jennifer Alvarez, but I go by Rebelle, and I’ve been obsessed with books since before I knew how to read. I’m originally from Puerto Rico but call Lansing, Michigan my home. I’ve got 5 crazy cats and a wonderful boyfriend of over eight years. My passion for books has grown as I’ve aged and I’ve added more books and genres to my to be read list than I ever thought possible. I’ve always loved escaping into books. Sometimes I will take my time to read a books and sometimes I burn through eight or more books in a day. I never knew that authors valued placed on reviews until recently. I just assumed that authors just got a few friends together to place some fluff on the dust jackets. It turns out that putting out a book takes a lot more than being able to write a few scenes. The work that goes into publication and press is a full-time job all on its own. I’m hoping to bring some attention to authors by at least leaving my reviews after I devoured their books. I’ll post links to my reviews as well links to the authors personal pages so you can all get to know one another. I’ll do giveaways and author take-over events, mostly through Facebook, from time to time as well. I will focus primarily on bringing to light books and authors that could use some review love. I am willing to receive books from authors but my time is precious. I will be posting my policies on the types of books I am willing to review as well as my contact information in a later post. Thank you all for stopping by! I’ll post a launch party event on Facebook in April. Please contact me with any questions or comments. The best is yet to come. Stay tuned!

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